Affordable Ways To Shoot A Professional Film

20 January 2018
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If you want to produce the best results possible using Davinci resolve, you will want to use certain tricks to make your video look more professional even if you are using a cheap camera or an iPhone. Once you have the right footage, you will have an easier time creating an impressive film.

Keep the Camera Steady

You must maintain stability when filming unless you are aiming for a shaky camera effect. The best way to steady your camera is to use a tripod. Keep looking at the screen to make sure that what you are filming is smooth.

Use Plenty of Light

The best time to take a video is when there will be a lot of natural light. This allows you to avoid the challenge of setting up the lighting yourself. If you do not have a lot of natural light, you can purchase clamp lights and work lights to illuminate your scene.

Activate a Grid

Some recording devices come with a grid that can help you record at the right angle. The grid provides you with a point of reference. The grid may not already be present, but can usually be enabled on the app. 

Have Great Audio

Great audio is an essential part of creating a professional video. Fortunately, good microphones are not very expensive. Move the microphone as close to the speaker as possible without it being in the shot. If your camera has a headphone jack, plug headphones in and perform a sound test to make sure that you have great audio. 

Use the Right Camera

When using a cell phone, make sure to use the back camera. While the front camera has improved, it still cannot produce a consistently good video quality. Also, make sure that you record your video in landscape mode. In other words, you should hold the phone sideways rather than vertically. While holding the camera vertically can produce a video that looks fine when viewed on a mobile device, most users watch videos on larger devices.

If you want to produce the most professional videos using Davinci Resolve 12, you will need to use more expensive equipment. The movie making camera shoots film that can cost thousands of dollars to develop. A digital film is much less expensive and does not have to be developed, but the digital cameras that produce the best quality can also cost thousands of dollars.