3 Tips For Getting A New Body Piercing

10 December 2018
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Change in life is great, and nothing says change and expression like getting a great body piercing. This can be scary and you might worry about the pain, but it's also an excellent way to decorate your body in a way that you will love. Since it's such a drastic change, you must also figure out the ins and outs of body piercing, in addition to finding a shop that does great work. With this in mind, follow these strategies and reach out to some body piercing artists that can work their magic. 

Figure out where you want to get pierced

First things first, it's important that you take time to determine where you want to get your piercing. The human body is a blank canvass, so you can really get any sort of piercing that you want. However, you need to know the ins and outs of what comes with such a piercing. Some popular places for body piercing include nipples, genitalia, tongues, and belly buttons. People often also get facial piercings, such as nose rings and eyebrow rings. Ears alone have upwards of 15 different potential piercing locations. Figure out what works for you and speak to a piercing shop that can help you. 

Choose a shop that is friendly and knowledgeable 

No matter what, getting any sort of piercing is a vulnerable experience. You're putting trust in someone to create permanent change to your body, and there is a measure of pain and health risk involved. Always speak to your body piercer upfront about things like allergic reactions and skin infections. Make sure that they show you their license and that they adhere to state laws and standards. References are your friend, so always make sure to ask friends and family members where they got their piercing done. 

Follow aftercare procedures properly and diligently

Finally, be sure that you are diligent about all aftercare procedures. This will prevent you from getting infections and enduring other problems. Your piercer will leave you with plenty of instructions, and should also pass along contact information if you have questions or concerns. While a piercing only costs about $30 to $85, you must also factor in the aftercare products that you'll be buying and using as your piercing heals. Since the healing time could last between 4 months to a year, stay on track and disciplined. 

Follow these tips and reach out to body piercing experts that can help.