Are You Currently Learning To Appreciate Art In College? 4 Tips To Get The Most Out Of A Nigerian Art Exhibition

24 January 2020
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Learning to appreciate art is something that can bring you a lifetime of enjoyment and deepen your understanding of how humans experience the world. College is a time when many students begin to explore the world of art, and you may have stumbled upon a few new specific types that you want to explore further. Nigerian art is rooted in deep history that includes a blend of different styles and talent. The four tips will help you get the most from your list to a Nigerian artist exhibition that will enrich your understanding of this classification of art.

Do Some Research

Nigerian art includes several different forms such as sculptures, masks, textiles, and paintings. You'll want to have a firm grasp on the different techniques that are used to make this type of art before you begin to view the exhibition. 

You will also find that learning more about the history and culture that surrounds Nigerian art helps you to appreciate it even more. For instance, early Nigerian art includes works from several different cultures such as the Nok. Contemporary artists have also broken through race barriers that existed in earlier years. Learning about the art styles and the artists' achievements brings a deeper meaning to the work that you view.

Give Yourself Time to Take It All In

You should never try to rush your way through an exhibition. Plan to spend enough time at the exhibition for you to view the various pieces of art for several minutes. This allows you to notice the rich details in the art such as the strokes left behind by a brush or a fingerprint that exists within a sculpture.

Invite a Friend to Enjoy the Exhibition

A Nigerian art exhibition is best enjoyed with someone else. Think of one or two people that you know will also enjoy the chance to learn about a different type of art. They may be in one of your college art classes, or they may be an artist themselves. Either way, taking someone with you allows you to see the art from more than one perspective.

Plan Time for Reflection Afterwards

During your visit to the exhibit, you may want to take notes or just make a few mental ones to use later during your reflection time. Taking a time out from the rest of the world to think about what you saw helps you to analyze the works in a deeper way. You may even choose to continue your research or write a paper about a specific work that you enjoyed to further reinforce the lessons that you learned from your visit.

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