4 Steps To Begin Rotating Your Art Collection Like Museums

25 March 2021
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Have you become leery of buying more artworks because you lack the space for them at home? If so, you should consider using a tactic that museums throughout the world use to both grow and show their vast collections: rotating artwork. Here are four things you'll need to do in order to rotate your own collection at home. 

1. Find the Right Storage

Art should never be stored just anywhere there's space. It requires proper facilities with the appropriate temperature, humidity, and lighting controls. Depending on the value of your particular pieces, it likely also needs protection from theft or accidental damage. So, before you can rotate anything currently on your walls, research its storage needs and put these into place. 

2. Create an Inventory

Even though many items in a museum's collection aren't on display doesn't mean they don't know exactly what's waiting in storage and where it is kept. Your inventory system may be informal and even hand-written, or it might use an inventory app or program as the collection grows. Include information relevant to how you may want to rotate pieces for future reference. 

3. Consider How to Rotate

Once you have a place to put things that are already hanging, consider criteria you may want to use in the future for rotating items. This is personal to your goals, taste as a collector, and spaces you plan to display works. You might want to note things like frame sizes, colors, motifs and themes, artists or schools, subjects. Any of these elements can give inspiration for new combinations and new placements. 

4. Start Small

If you haven't changed the art choices in your home, office, or business in a long time, it may be intimidating. This may be especially true if the house was decorated by an interior designer or it's been the same since you moved in. So, start small by experimenting with a single wall or even a single work. Try out a few new options and live with them for a few days. Focus on how they make you or your guests feel and how they alter the mood of the space. The more you do this, the bolder you will get. 

Where to Start

Obviously, the first step to take when you are considering an art rotation plan is to make sure you have a safe space to store all your pieces. Tour an art storage facility today to see your options and begin making a plan that will help you build, protect, and display the art you love.