A Quick Guide To Posting Comic Strips On Social Media

26 August 2021
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Back in the day, it wasn't uncommon to cut out comic strips from newspapers to save, share with others, and showcase on a refrigerator. Computers have caused comic strips to transition to digital formats and changed the way people share content. When you share your favorite comic strips on social media, you should follow some tips to have the most success when posting.

Use this quick guide for the next time you want to post comic strips on social media. After a few posts, the whole process will become seamless.

Give Proper Credit

Writers, artists, and creators do not get enough credit when content is shared online. If you find funny creations like farm animal comic strips, then you should ensure you give proper credit in the post. The credit is simple. You could use the picture caption to write the name of the comic strip and illustrator. You could also link to the main comic strip website.

Even if the digital file includes the website, adding the details to the caption will showcase your awareness and help promote the comic so people can check out more strips for themselves.

Tag Comic Creators

Take the attribution one step further by finding the creator of the comic on social media and tagging them directly in the post. When you tag the creator, not only will they see it, but other people who view your post can click on their name and see their work as well. You could even connect with the creator and receive a comment on the post you make.

Add Commentary

Instead of just posting up a comic strip with no context, personalize your post with the caption. Add your views or a reaction to the comic. You could keep the reaction simple or add some details about a comic strip you love. If you tag the creator of the comic, then they will also see your comments and may reply back.

You could use a comic strip to start a conversation. For example, you could ask for recommendations for other comics or ask people to list their favorite strips. Eventually, you could have a whole chain of posted comments and even start your own hashtags. You will slowly build a community and can connect with other fans of the same comic strip.

Take a little extra time to plan your posts and then the process will become a force of habit each time you decide to post a new strip on your social media page.