Why Watercolors Are Making a Comeback

17 February 2022
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When you think of watercolor paintings your mind probably races back to when you were a child just simply having fun and expressing yourself. What you might not realize is that watercolor painting is one of the most popular forms of painting in the world and there are many beautiful works of art that have been created with this technique. It has a light and simple touch yet provides such vibrant colors that it is something that anyone interested in art and painting should at least consider trying out. Here are a few reasons why you should try a learn to watercolor paint course. 

Quick to Learn, Hard to Master

One of the main reasons why these learn-to-watercolor paint courses are popping up is because it is a very simple art form that still has incredible depth if you look beneath the surface. You can enjoy the fun of making a painting out of watercolor paints on that more superficial level if you wish, but for those who do want to treat it a little more seriously and really get their teeth into watercolors as an art form then these courses will help you do that. There is a place for everyone when it comes to watercolors, and the barrier for entry is much lower than alternatives. 

Feels More Freeing

When you use heavier, oil-based paint you will often think hard about what you are going to do so as not to make a critical mistake. These paints feel more permanent and more 'serious' if you will, and so the fun will take a backseat to accuracy and precision, which is not something that is conducive to enjoying a hobby for very long. Watercolor paint courses are much more fun and open, with an emphasis on experimentation and enjoying yourself. If you have tried other painting courses before and weren't impressed, watercolor classes may be for you. 

Less Expensive

As far as painting goes, watercolor paints are far cheaper than their oil-based counterparts. The production process is much simpler and while that does mean you get less 'thickness' in the paint, that does not mean you can't create something just as beautiful. Still, it is worth noting that if your long term budget is going to be something you need to factor in then watercolor paints should be prioritized over some of the more expensive painting supplies that you can find for other materials and canvasses that are built for thicker and more heavily produced paints. 

If you are interested in a learn to watercolor paint workshop, be sure to reach out to a local art studio.