3 Ways To Display Custom Bronze Pet Statues

23 August 2022
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When a pet has passed away, you could immortalize the animal forever with a custom bronze sculpture made based on their likeness. A custom bronze pet statue offers unique designs and a lot of different pose options. You could order custom bronze statues of a standing animal or an animal laying down.

No matter what design you choose, you also have to choose how to display the pet. Check out some unique options and ways to honor your pet every day.

1. Pet Bench Designs

If you choose a laying position for your pet, then you could find ways to sit with them every day. Once the bronze statue is created, you can add the pet to a bench on your property. Create a permanent spot for the statue to sit on. Feel the comfort when you sit next to the statue and enjoy the similar feeling you had when the animal was alive.

Ideally, you want to place the statue on one end of the bench so there is still plenty of room to sit on the rest of the bench. When not sitting on the bench, the design adds a nice decorative touch.

2. Raised Pet Memorial

If your pet was smaller, a bronze statue may not stand very tall. You can change this with a pet memorial the statue stands on. A large stone block can serve as a memorial and include a number of features. For example, you could place a plaque on the memorial and give some details about your pet within the plaque.

As an alternative to a plaque, consider your pet's name engraved right on the stone. The small details can make a big difference and supply you with a memorial that is fit for your beloved pet. Instead of just four legs on the statue, the custom creators can add a flat bronze plate to the bottom so you can connect the statue and keep it secure.

3. Pet Garden Centerpieces

Make a custom statue into a centerpiece for a garden in your home. Surround the statue with flowers and plants that will grow and bloom on annual basis. The designs can stand out and create a beautiful way to honor your pet. Use a wide range of stones and other decorative items to compliment the design.

Once you commission a bronze statue for your pet, you can play around with different design ideas and plan out options that will last for years to come.