The Grand Finale: How To Choose The Right Frame For Displaying Your Artwork

8 December 2022
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When it comes to choosing a picture frame to display your artwork, it is best to entrust your artwork to a professional framer. You will still play a role in helping to choose a frame, but your framing specialist will do the work necessary to protect your art and guide you into selecting a frame that works best for the type of art you are framing. Preserving your art is important, but you also want a frame that complements your art well without drawing attention away from the piece.

Framing basics

With all the varieties of frames to choose from, it can feel overwhelming when you arrive at your custom framing store and are faced with tons of frames in different styles and colors. However, one simple rule to remember is that your art is the main player and any frame you choose should never overpower your artwork. A frame in the same color as your artwork should also be avoided because it will blend in with your art rather than make it stand out.

Style matters

The style of your painting also matters. For instance, if your artwork is classical in nature, a gold-leafed frame will complement your art beautifully. You could also choose a dark wood frame that always looks sophisticated and pairs well with traditional forms of artwork. For modern or contemporary art, you may want to choose a box frame with a thin border or any frame without a lot of ornate detail to keep in line with the modern art look.

Not all glass is equal

The standard glass that is often used in cheap frames is not suitable for artwork. You should always use glass with an ultraviolet filter. This will protect your art from the danger of fading if displayed where natural light is present for long periods during the day. You will also want to choose a glass that has a low reflective surface to prevent shine or glare over your displayed art pieces.

One of the mistakes artists often make is putting hours into creating a beautiful piece and then deciding to choose a cheap picture frame to save money when framing their art. This common mistake can be avoided altogether when you choose a custom framing service to do the work. The framing is the grand finale to your work and should never be taken lightly if you want to create the best display possible for your hard work.

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